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Who are Scholastic Book Clubs?

Six times a year, we reveal a brand new Book Club crammed with loads of great books available to buy with huge savings. You can either browse the leaflets we send to schools, or look online to choose the books you want to buy. When you buy books, you’ll be helping your school to get lots more free books!

Never heard of us?

Then where've you been?! If you don’t have Setanta Book Clubs in school then why not give this letter to your teacher to let them know about it?

What's this website about then?

You can find out loads about all the latest releases and your favourite books right here! As a member you can read extracts of books, play games, enter competitions, take quiz challenges, post reviews and find out about authors. You'll also get your own personal page where you can write down all your favourite things, see your book reviews and keep a wish list of the books you want to read.

How do I become a member?

It’s totally easy to become a member and FREE too. Sign up here and get your FREE membership certificate! If you're under 13 we’ll need your parent/guardian’s email address so that we can get permission from them first (don’t blame us – it’s the rules!)

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How do I find the books?


If you’ve seen a book in the leaflet or online and want to find out more about it, click on Search. Type in the name of the book and we'll show you the book plus any games and activities related to it.


Click on Books and you’ll find different ways to find the books you’ll like. You can click on your age range so that you can see what’s right for you. You can also choose your favourite types of books, whether they're about animals, magic or sport, by clicking on the words.

Book wizard

Still stuck for a good book? Just answer the Book wizard’s questions and he’ll soon conjure one up for you!

Reviews and ratings

You can give any of the books on this site a rating or write a review about it. You’ll be able to see the reviews you’ve posted straight away. Other members will only be able to see them once we’ve checked that they are not too rude! When we post your review other members will be able to see your username, avatar, favourite book, favourite author and what you’re reading at the moment. If you don’t want us to show this info then that’s no problem. Just make sure you leave these bits blank in your personal page.

Your wish list

If you see a book that looks really good then click on ‘I want to read this’. It will then be saved in a list on your personal page so that you’ll remember it.