All reviews for SpongeBob: Classroom Crack-Ups!

  1. I have never read it but it looks great!

    31 January 2015

  2. loved it


    7 March 2014

  3. loved it

    I have never read it but SPONGEBOB ROCKS!!!

    9 March 2013

  4. I’ve not read it but i think it will be good.

    20 December 2009

  5. loved it

    it looks so good

    31 October 2009

  6. loved it

    the jokes are wonderfull if you havent got it order it now.but you should have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF NOT I WILL KICK YOUR BUM

    12 April 2009

  7. loved it

    i reallly like sponge bob and i think this is one of his good books. I also enjoy Patrick!!

    13 September 2008