Diary of a Wimpy Kid Pack x 7

It’s official: a wimp CAN rule the world. King of funnies and king of the book charts. Know that feeling when things just keep going wrong? The Wimpy Kid’s life takes wrong to a whole new level. Shaming best friends. Nightmare first crushes. The constant threat of military academy. Whatever next? They say you have to laugh or you’d cry. Well, we’re laughing like crazy. Who’d have thought it: this kid’s got us all queuing up to show our wimp credentials. He must be doing something right.

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  • loved it

    The collection of DOAWK is fantastic for people who are not geeks and are not popular, though you may wanna read it as it is spectacular!! :)

    20 March 2015

  • loved it

    The Diary Of A WimpyKid Pack is a wonderful choice for everyone. Filled with fun, I am sure you will be entertained.

    15 October 2014

  • Such a great middle school book

    28 September 2014

  • loved it

    I like this book.In this story wimpy kid is so funny.

    26 September 2014

  • It is a good book some people think think this book should be read at the age of 10-15 I read this series when I was 7-8 and I enjoyed it

    21 September 2014

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  • Photo of Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney is author of the hugely popular Wimpy Kid books.


    Diary of a Wimpy Kid was named Best Book of the Last Ten Years at the 2012 Blue Peter Book Awards.

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