Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Trio

Heart-tugging tales of rescued cats and puppies from the world’s most famous animal refuge! Follow these adorable cuties as they meet their adoptive owners and take their first wobbly steps into a brand new life! Based on the true stories of real-life animals at the Battersea Home, this fantastic series lets you walk in the paw-prints of heaps of larger-than-life fluffy characters – some cheeky, some clumsy, some adorably impish… and some as good as gold! Each story helps to raise money for the Battersea charity, and contains a photo and fact-file of a real dog or cat from the home, plus tips on looking after your own pet.

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    Cute,cute,cute!My favourite was Stella’s story because I liked how Stella behaves!

    21 February 2013

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