Chestnut Hill #12: Far and Away

Lani wishes her best friend Honey didn’t have to move back to England. What will Chestnut Hill be like without her? It’s going to be like losing a sister. There must be a way to keep their friendship on track… The twelfth gripping story from the unique boarding school where everyone’s favourite subject is riding.

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    a moving story which will bring the least sensitive into tears and the most reluctant reader gripped. Lani is delighted when she Dylan and Malory can fly to England with Honey and Sam! but things soon go wrong a curse seems to be coming true at a stables and Lani knows someone’s faking it .and Sam’s avoiding her!!!!!!! can she solve the mysteries and say a proper goodbye?1000 out of 10 and well…. just read it!!!

    27 November 2014

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