Chestnut Hill #4: Playing for Keeps

Feisty Lani is thrilled to be back at Chestnut Hill after the winter break – until she gets a letter from home bringing terrible news! Her marks have dropped and her parents think she’s spending too much time riding. They want to take her out of the school and send her somewhere else. Is this the end of the good times at Chestnut Hill… or can determined Lani find a way to change their minds?

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    nerve wracking but amazing!!! it conbines romance, boarding school life adventure and humour!!!! a very real story could be told in real life.. yet it’s a story!!!!! if you’re say, 14 don’t feel your too old for it… you’ll love it I promise!!!! highly recomended

    15 March 2015

  • KEEP GOING LANI! lani is amazingly dedicated to her riding and school work and when her parents say that they may change her schools Lani is on a mission to stay chesnut hill by working really hard at school i have read this book and it is really nerve racking!:)

    4 August 2011

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