Children of the Famine Trilogy

The classic saga of three Irish children fighting for survival. Can their story possibly have a happy ending? It starts with the Great Hunger. Nothing to eat. Starvation and sickness. Then Eily, Michael and Peggy’s parents vanish. The children are evicted from their home and left to fend for themselves. They have nothing but their courage and each other. How will they stay alive? They must start a great journey across Ireland – but where will it take them? And if they survive, what is in store for them next? Find out in these books: inspiring, heart-rending classics that every kid should read and own.

  • A bestselling historical saga of bravery, hope and survival
  • Gives the events of the Great Hunger a vivid human face
  • Follows an Irish family through two turbulent decades
  • Explores issues such as tenant rights and Irish emigration

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