Cracking School Jokes

A book of side-splitting school jokes to drown out teacher – plus trick snappy gum to catch out your mates! This joke book will turn all those long, dull hours in class into a riot and a giggle. Why is a teacher like an elephant? What’s the difference between school dinner and a pile of slugs? How do fish get to school? What’s yellow and writes essays? We can’t tell you here because the answers are too funny. But they’ll have you in stitches! Hee hee!

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  • loved it

    I love it, i could use some of these you know. Cracking start to the weekend guys.

    12 July 2015

  • very good

    3 March 2012

  • I love it!!!!

    7 November 2011

  • liked it

    I love it so far it made me LMFAO

    12 August 2011

  • loved it

    hi everyone i love this book now because it is here i got i from the office in my school i goted it on friday remember it was yesterday and mabe ill tell you a joke from the book ok bye have fun xxxxxxxxxx

    19 June 2011

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