Disney Finger Puppet Frozen Hug, Olaf!

At last. Your own miracle snowman to hug. We promise your heart will melt. He won’t. Feel that chill in the air? It’s autumn: getting us in the mood for Frozen ice and snow. So what could be better than your merry pal Olaf for company – right on your finger? The perfect friend to take you on a magical adventure right there in your cosy living room. This cuddly puppet will melt your heart, but he won’t melt on your carpet. And come to that, who could tell Olaf’s story better than Olaf himself…?

  • A Frozen puppet book starring Olaf the snowman
  • Sturdy mini board book format with a finger puppet
  • Simple and beautifully illustrated rhyming story
  • Have fun miming the actions with the finger puppet

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