Doctor Who Sticker Paradise

Meet the Doctor. Choose your assistant. Step into the Tardis and take the controls. Which galaxy would you like to visit today? Well… this sticker paradise will whirl you into one where adventure’s always waiting and fun is always by your side! It’s got a sticker album and six cool sheets of reusable stickers. Just stick them in to kick-start your mission!

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  • The book was good and fiiillllllllllled with stickers

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    i think book is really good

    8 January 2009

  • okay

    it was a bit boring but loadssssss of stickers

    11 November 2008

  • not for me

    I think it was okay but when you have used all of the stickers you cant use them eny more.

    14 July 2008

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