Fire Star

Gwilanna the evil sibyl is back – and this time she has grand plans. She wants to resurrect a real dragon on the icecap of the Tooth of Ragnar. To awaken it, Gwilanna needs three things: a fire tear, blood and an alignment of planets which will bring the fire star to shine – the very same fire star that was present at the birth of Dragonkind. As her plan hurtles to its terrifying climax, David and his friends find themselves pitted against Gwilanna in a deadly race against time…

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    I’ve always loved Dragons but this book show them in a dazzling new way, filled with excitement, imagination and adventure; this series is a must read, this is the third in the series and is pretty good

    5 March 2013

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    The Fire Within won the Rotherham Children’s Book Prize in 2002.

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