Forbidden Files: Wired Teeth

Deep in the cellars of the O’Brien Press is a safe that contains stories too horrible to read. But somebody has broken into that safe and released the stories! This is one of those Forbidden Files. Crazy dentists, secret agents and remote controlled braces – welcome to Jason’s world! Jason McGinty’s a bad kid: a bully whose gang rules the schoolyard. But when he gets braces on his teeth, things start to go wrong for him. His mouth looks awful, and worst of all, he begins to hear voices that no one else can hear. Are the voices real? Do they have something to do with the braces? And who is the big, scary boy who looks so like Jason? Something sinister is going on! Read only if you dare!

The Forbidden Files are horror stories but with an eye out for fun and jokes.” Books Ireland

“This humourous fast-paced book is filled with hilarious illustrations, short chapters, snappy sentences and lots of mischief.” CBI’s Bookfest – Recommended Reading Guide

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    Oisin McGann won a Bisto Children’s Book of the Year Merit Award for The Gods and Their Machines.

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