Friend or Foe: Which Side Are You On?

Dublin, 1916. Emer Davey and her neighbour Jack Madigan think they’ll be friends forever. But when Dublin is torn apart by the Easter Rising, they end up on opposite sides of a life-or-death conflict. Emer’s father is fighting with the rebel forces. He thinks armed struggle is the only way to win independence from Britain. Jack’s dad is a sergeant in the Dublin Metropolitan Police. Father and son share a deep respect for the law, and believe Home Rule should be won through peaceful politics. As the terrifying reality of war sets in, the Easter Rising hits closer to home than either Emer or Jack could have imagined. It’s time to choose: friendship or loyalty to the cause.

  • A gripping tale of family, loyalty and a country in turmoil
  • Blends historical events with a moving interpersonal story
  • By the acclaimed author of Across the Divide and Pawns
  • “The best children’s book I’ve seen” – Historical Novel Society

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