In 17th century Cornwall, Jude’s mother was called a witch. Now her son is a ‘finder’, born with a rare and strange power. Jude can sense the presence of gold wherever it is hidden. But this is a talent as dangerous as it is precious – especially when he leaves his childhood home after his parents’ sudden deaths. Captured by a sinister one-eyed sea-captain, he is plunged into terrifying magical adventures on the magnificent, mysterious Cornish coast. Battling Barbary pirates, slave-stealers and an evil telepathic cat, Jude is finally befriended by a family of gold-hungry djinns. But they are doomed to dwell for eternity among the legions of the damned, unless he will agree to save them… A superbly-written historical fantasy by the author of Maskmaker and The Secret Country.

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  • So far, out of the chapters of this book that I’ve read, it is a brilliant book.

    1 March 2012

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