Irish Stories and Legends Pack x 4

Famous Irish tales retold in a snappy modern style with witty cartoon pictures. Exciting and funny: totally legendary, in fact! We love the Poolbeg In a Nutshell series, which tells timeless Irish stories and legends in a really fresh and entertaining way. Now there’s no excuse for missing out on the greatest tales and legends ever told! Explore the ancient mysteries of Newgrange, and the incredible true story of Granuaile the pirate queen. Plus: how do you win a fight against someone bigger? Find out in the myth of the Giant’s Causeway…

  • Timeless Irish myths and tales retold for children
  • Part of the popular Poolbeg In a Nutshell series
  • Fresh, lively retellings with appealing line artwork
  • Accessible books that help to build up reading skills

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