Let Your Thoughts Dance! Journal

Let your thoughts dance with a gorgeous journal for expressing ideas and secrets that are just a bit out of the ordinary! A preening pussycat stares out from circus stripes and dizzying fairground swirls. Let its piercing blue gaze whirl your thoughts away. Then let loose and make your pen dance too! With a touch of the magical, a touch of the unusual and a touch of the superstitious, it’s a journal for instincts, inspirations, dreams, ideas and flights of imagination.

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  • I want this!!

    8 July 2012

  • I really want to read this! I know it’s a Diary but I really need one to show off to my BFFITWWWFMNGTBU (which stands for Best Friends Forever In The Whole Wide World Forever More Never Going To Break Up by the way!) I would draw pictures, write secrets, do diary entries, make book reviews and do my life story! I might be buying this because it is a GREAT OFFER and me and my mum, grandma and other grandma LOVE bargains! I love books, this is Caitlin (call me KK) and peace out! xxxxxxxx P.S. Hope you think the same as me! LOL! Bye!

    26 April 2010

  • okay

    i’m going to get this diary peaple who want to get this its not a book its a diary.

    6 September 2008

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