Magic Kitten (Old Editions): Seaside Mystery

All kittens make us smile. But not all of them do it with magic. Very fluffy and very special. There’s nothing like a cuddly cat to cheer you up. When Maisie moves to the seaside with Mum and Dad, she feels oh-so lonely. Her best friends at home seem to have forgotten about her. And her new school doesn’t even start for weeks yet. Then Maisie finds a tiny tabby kitten with big emerald eyes on the beach. He looks just as lonely as she does. Could a magical summer be on the horizon?

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  • I like the series of magic kitten and I love reading the seaside mystery.

    6 March 2015

  • loved it

    this is one of my favorit kitten stories she is so cute

    8 March 2014

  • Good book and the kitten on the front is so cute!

    8 March 2013

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