One Voice, Please

A charming, wise and witty collection of short stories, fables and moral tales from around the world. “One voice, please” shouts the innkeeper. “One voice only, please.” And so begins a marvellous journey into the oral storytelling tradition, voyaging through over fifty short stories and fables both familiar and lesser-known. Compiled by Guess How Much I Love You author Sam McBratney, this beautiful anthology is the result of his 25-year interest in collecting tales. Well-known stories such as The Good Samaritan and The Pied Piper make an appearance, as well as many exciting new stories, all accompanied by stylish black-and-white illustrations from Russell Ayto.

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  • Awards

    Sam McBratney has twice won the Bisto Award in Ireland, and also won international awards for his classic picture book Guess How Much I Love You, with illustrator Anita Jeram.

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