Rugby Spirit #4: Rugby Flyer

The spirit of rugby – literally! A storming tale of rugby and ghosts. Eoin is lucky, talented and totally into rugby. Now he’s been chosen for a Dublin rugby summer school. He can’t think of anything better! A summer full of rugby – and he’ll visit London to watch a big game at the legendary Twickenham ground. He’s expecting to see some pretty special rugby. But he never thought he’d see a royal ghost! Prince Obolensky’s awesome rugby skills helped to win England global glory. He was even a World War Two hero. But what does he want with Eoin…?

  • Thrilling series with a totally unique take on rugby
  • A pulse-racing tale of school life, sport – and ghosts!
  • Written by an experienced sports journalist and editor
  • “Will thrill any rugby-mad youngster” – Daily Mail

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