Scrolling Text Electronic Organiser

This beautiful white gadget will turn every head – and it’s super-smart as well as good-looking! Sleek, slick and all-round stunning, it’s packed with features to get your friends’ jaws dropping! It can play games, it’s full of handy tools, and there’s a cool scrolling text feature too. Enjoy music, tasks, games and fun – all on the run!

Features include: · FM radio · Earphones · Schedule reminder · 2 games · Scrolling text function · Phone book · Alarm and countdown timer · Time and date · Calculator · World time · Foreign conversion

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  • loved it

    its really good!

    4 April 2011

  • loved it

    THIS IS SIK!!!!!!!!!!

    23 March 2011

  • loved it

    this is wow!

    15 November 2010

  • bbx


    14 November 2010

  • okay

    is not as good as it looks but they did not tell you about pitchers

    17 September 2008

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