The Littlest Owl

The Littlest Owl is very small; a dumpy, fluffy little ball. When a storm shakes his tree, how will he fly to safety? This beautiful story, illustrated in softly glowing pastel shades, tells the story of the smallest owl in the family. He often gets forgotten and ignored, and everyone says he’ll never grow up to be big and strong. But this little owl has other ideas… and what’s more, he doesn’t mind being small at all! But when a storm strikes the willow tree, will the Littlest Owl be able to reach safety? An unusual, beautiful story about facing risks and rising to challenges, this is a delightful book for any child. It makes an extra-special choice for the youngest members of the family, who may struggle to make their little voices heard.

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  • pk6

    liked it

    I want this because i am crase about animle and my faorite animle is a ?

    12 February 2010

  • loved it

    i think ut was a very cute owl it was a really cool book

    16 September 2008

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