50 Brain Games

Get smart! Have fun! Be a bright spark and sharpen up your brain with quirky puzzles for clever little minds. These cheerful brain games have been specially created to help your mind stay nimble and quick. Whenever you pull out a card, you pick an energetic puzzle which will get your brain trained up in no time. Whether you’re telling the time, spotting the difference, counting things or exploring a maze, hopping through the fun-packed games in this box will keep your brain on tip-top form for school. Oh – and when you’re done, just wipe each card clean to use it again and again.

Box contains 50 wipe-clean activity cards illustrated with colour cartoon pictures, plus a wipe-off pen.

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  • okay

    a fun little game really that helps get your brain working, good for younger kids and you can wipe the cards clean and write on them with the pen they include

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    that is a fantastic and smart brain games card,, i buy for me one becuase i want to try it :)

    8 March 2011

  • okay

    looks cool

    4 December 2010

  • loved it

    looks good

    23 October 2009

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