Alice and Megan’s Cookbook

Get cooking with Alice and Megan! These best friends love to whip up fun – and now they’re writing a cookbook. But Alice isn’t the world’s greatest cook, so is it going to be a recipe for disaster? Well, not with Megan’s help – as well as oodles of advice (whether the girls want it or not!) from Megan’s mum, little sister Rosie and Miss Leonard, the Home Economics teacher! In this yummy creation, they bring you all their newly-perfected recipes for muffins, quesadillas, snacks and more. Why not wake up to French toast and tropical smoothies? Or go to school with raspberry muffins and pasta salad? Or impress your friends with home-made burgers followed by ice cream with toffee sauce? Alice and Megan do – and so can you!

Includes Brilliant Breakfasts, Lucky Lunchboxes, Super Snacks, Marvellous Main Courses, Delicious Desserts, and Cakes and Cookies!

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    I thought that the Alice and Megan cookbook was great! I had SO much fun making all the recipes and baking yumming buns and food and yummy treats with all my friends I think that it was a brill book and all ages can have fun doing it!!! I lOVED it

    9 March 2011

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