Anne Frank's Story

A simple and moving account of the life of Anne Frank, the young girl who evaded the Nazis for two years before finally dying in Bergen-Belsen. This biography journeys from her happy early childhood in Frankfurt to her youth in Amsterdam, and from her years in hiding to the final months of her life in a concentration camp. It answers questions about Anne’s life, and includes memories from her surviving friends, a historical note and a map. Read it along with Anne Frank’s world-famous diary to explore a young life cut short by war.

  • A clearly written short biography for younger readers
  • Includes illustrations, historical background and a map
  • Fascinating anecdotes from friends who survived Anne
  • Helps readers better understand Anne’s life and times

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  • liked it

    I loved it so much. I really enjoy reading it

    22 March 2020

  • loved it

    I love this book so much I think the book is very sad but also really interesting.

    20 January 2017

  • loved it

    Ann frank is a great book it tells you all things which happened in her life which is good to know because you can compare between now and the past read Ann Frank to learn her past

    12 March 2015

  • loved it

    This is an amazing diary!!

    10 November 2014

  • I read the first two pages and I’m already upset. A girl like Anne did’nt deserve to die Who would have to spend the last days of their lifes hiding from Adolf Hitler’s team of Nasis…?

    21 April 2014

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