Blue Bananas: Sinclair, Wonder Bear

Sinclair is no ordinary teddy bear! At night, when his owner Emily is fast asleep, he becomes a Wonder Bear – flying all over the world, and magically changing himself into new materials to save people in danger. In India, he changes into steel to mend a broken train track. In France, he transforms into a powerful magnet to help the Madame free her pet dog Lucile. In Australia, Sinclair turns into a window in a glass-bottomed boat to help his friend Captain Baz. But after all that hard work, this busy bear gets sleepy – so as the sun rises, Wonder Bear flies home to Emily before she wakes up! Written by top author Malorie Blackman, this quirky and inviting tale comes with colour artwork throughout – an ideal step up from picture books.

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    Singlair wonder bear was about girl called Emily . Emily had a bear called Sinclair . As soon as Emily fell asleep Sinclair pulled out of Emily’s tight huge and put on his wonder bear costume and set of around the world to see if Ang one needed his help but he had to work fast he has to help as much people as he could .first he had to help a very worried guard who jumping he said can you fix the tracks before the train comes so Sinclair fly up and turnd in to stele and lay on the teak

        I loved this book I give it a10/10

    I recommend this book to 9+

    This book was fast moving

    8 March 2014

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  • Photo of Malorie Blackman

    Malorie Blackman

    The former Children’s Laureate is the awardwinning author of over 50 books, including the bestselling Noughts and Crosses sequence.


    Malorie Blackman’s many awards include the Red House and Sheffield Children’s Book Prizes for Noughts and Crosses. In 2005 she was awarded the Elearnor Farjeon prize for services to children’s literature; an OBE followed in 2008 and from 2013-15 she was the Children’s Laureate.

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