Build Your Own Monster Truck

Beast machines with mighty bellies full of fuel and fire. Monsters of the track, built to crush and jump and roll and race. They have to be strong. They have to be fast. They have to squash things too! Each monster truck tyre is 66 inches tall and weighs about 64 stone – as much as five grown men. If that’s how big one tyre is, can you imagine the size of the truck? Now it does a wheelie. Now it soars 130 feet through the air. Now it rolls over. Now it crushes cars. Take your screwdriver. Be the mechanic. Build your own beast and roar away!

Kit contains a fact book, a metal truck to build, a screwdriver and instructions.

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  • monster trucks are for boys and i am a girl!but i do love making.

    9 July 2011

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