Cosmo and the Magic Sneeze

The cutest witch’s cat since Gobbolino. Gwyneth Rees has given us her most enchanting read yet. Like his father Mephisto, Cosmo the kitten was born with magic in his whiskers and sorcery in his paws. So he’s thrilled when he becomes a proper witch-cat to Sybil the witch. Now he can ride on her broomstick and help her with her spells – and it’s all thanks to his magic sneeze! But something sinister is up in witch world. And when Sybil starts making spooky golden statues of kittens, Cosmo’s hackles are raised. What is really going into Sybil’s scary potions?

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  • Cosmo mask

    Transform yourself into Cosmo with this mask for special witch-cats!

    Download Cosmo mask
  • Cosmo's Spooky Secret Code

    Can you work out the secret message in the spooky picture code?

    Download Cosmo's Spooky Secret Code
  • Sybil's Spooky Recipes

    Cheeky Cosmo has sneaked a look at Sybil’s recipe book and found all sorts of grotesque Halloween treats!

    Download Sybil's Spooky Recipes

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    It’s a great book filled with humour and adventure. Despite the fact that it looks like it’s for younger children, it is a good book for all ages.

    2 July 2014

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  • Photo of Gwyneth Rees

    Gwyneth Rees

    Gwyneth Rees is author of the best-selling Fairy and Magic Dress Shop series.


    Gwyneth won the Red House Book Award for The Mum Hunt in 2004.

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