Dinosaur Cove: March of the Armoured Beasts

Dinosaur Cove isn’t just any old seaside cave. It leads Jamie and Tom to a forgotten world… a world of dinosaurs! But when the boys discover some fresh dino footprints and decide to go tracking, they discover a baby Ankylosaurus stuck in a muddy marsh. The baby dinosaur is thrashing around and has sunk up to its middle – it will drown at any minute if they don’t help it out! But as Jamie and Tom launch a rescue mission to save the baby creature, its mother suddenly appears, waving her huge clubbed tail around! Oh no! She’s on the attack! Will she realise that the boys are only trying to help?

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  • I really enjoyed this book because I absolutely love dinosaurs and like the idea of a world of dinosaurs in a cave, it is quite similar to Narnia.

    My favourite scenes are probably when Jamie lands in some mud at the bottom of steep hill as it is accompanied by a really funny illustration and also when they find some claw prints left by a dinosaur as I wondered what sort of dinosaur they would meet.

    I rate this book 9/10, the story is great, I love the dinosaur drawings and the stickers were awesome!

    Charlie, aged 7

    15 October 2012

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  • Mike Spoor

    Mike Spoor is illustrator for the Dinosaur Cove series.

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