Dora the Explorer: Dora's River Race

Yay! Dora is splashing and zooming down the river in her dinghy – but will she be first to the finish line? Stick in the sparkly stickers to find out! It’s summer, and Dora and her friends have entered the River Raft Race. To win they need to get past Crocodile Rock, the Nibbly Fish and even the sneaky Swiper! Young Dora fans will love using the sparkly holographic stickers to complete every scene in this thrilling adventure.

Fun Stuff


  • Colour in Dora

    Here’s a picture of Dora for you to colour in.

    Download Colour in Dora
  • Dora Colouring

    Use the spanish colour guide to colour Dora and Isa.

    Download Dora Colouring
  • Dora Decorations

    Print out and colour this picture of Dora and friends. When you’ve finished you can cut out the picture and hang it on a ribbon to decorate your room.

    Download Dora Decorations

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