Eva's Journey

Rich, pampered, high-maintenance Eva Gordon likes luxurious, sophisticated things. But when Dad loses his job and she has to move house and change schools, she realises that things have changed forever. She’s determined to hate her new life. But then a visit to a fortune teller gives her the idea that doing good deeds may help to turn things back to the way they were. Soon Eva – with the help of her best friend, Victoria – starts to help everyone she can, whether they want it or not! And maybe being nice is helping Eva more than anybody else. It’s just the start of her own special journey from spoilt princess to pretty cool girl! An amazing new novel from the bestselling author of the Alice and Megan series.

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  • I really dont like Eva at first but I love how she turns over a new leaf…

    6 March 2014

  • loved it

    Eva’s life couldn’t get better but when her dad’s business goes belly up how will Eva find it. So read Eva’s journey to find out

    5 March 2014

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