Happy Families Pack

From clever Mrs Vole the Vet to brave Mr Biff the Boxer and naughty Mr Creep the Crook, these comic stories of family life are an entertaining treat. How will chubby Mr Biff give up cream cakes and get fit for the charity boxing match? How will Mrs Wobble the Waitress stop spilling things? And what will happen when naughty Miss Brick the Builders’ Baby decides that instead of building things, she loves ripping them down? Pairing deliciously funny writing with vibrant illustrations, these classics have been a childhood staple for over thirty years.

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    I have read most of these and I really like the set, they are all different, easy to read and funny

    7 March 2014

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  • Photo of Allan Ahlberg

    Allan Ahlberg

    Allan Ahlberg is one of Britain’s best-loved children’s writers and is the author of over a hundred books.


    Allan’s work has been recognised by many of the top awards in children’s books, including The Red House Children’s Book Award for The Jolly Postman, The Man Who Wore All of His Clothes and The Pencil.

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