Historical House: Josie Under Fire

London, 1941. When Josie goes to stay with her cousin Edith at the house on Chelsea Walk, she’s glad to be away from the shame that has haunted her family since her brother refused to fight in the war. She tries hard to fit in with Edith’s friends, playing on bombsites and joining in as they tease a timid classmate. But when the teasing gets out of hand, Josie faces a dilemma. She knows what it’s like to be picked on. But does she have the pluck to stand up for her beliefs? A moving story of courage set amid the terror of the Blitz.

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  • Great book, it’s about Josie, a young girl who is staying with her cousin in the midst of world war 2. Bombing, rationing and death are all figures in this novel. Good read ages 10+

    1 March 2012

  • loved it

    this is an amazing book

    it is part of a series which tells you about 6 different girls lifes. they each live in different time periods

    for example- ww2, 1969 ect

    they all have at least 1 thing in common

    they all lived at 6 chelsea walk in london at some point it there life…

    11 September 2011

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