Historical House: Mary Ann and Miss Mozart

Mary Ann’s greatest wish is to become an opera singer, and she’s thrilled when she gets the chance to see child prodigy Mozart perform with his sister in Chelsea! But when her father loses his fortune, she fears her dreams of singing may be shattered… From award-winning author Ann Turnbull, this Historical House novel is an enchanting story of dreams and determination, set in the colourful world of eighteenth century London.

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  • Its okay but a little bit boring I think its because i didn’t really understand it.

    22 November 2014

  • loved it

    this is an amazing book

    it is part of a series which tells you about 6 different girls lifes. they each live in different time periods

    for example- ww2, 1969 ect

    they all have at least 1 thing in common

    they all lived at 6 chelsea walk in london at some point it there life…

    24 September 2011

  • I love this book I have the whole collection at home I am readin Pollys March from the series now. Its really old fashioned but I like old fashioned books

    4 June 2011

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