Holly Webb Animal Stories #1: Lost in the Snow

The cutest way to celebrate Christmas… and a very special birthday. Holly Webb’s first ever animal story is now ten years old. Hurray! Nobody wants Fluff, the little farm kitten. She’s the smallest and weakest of the litter; the only one who can’t find a home. Her brothers and sisters have all been adopted. Now Fluff must face the world alone. But at least she’s safe and warm – until a terrible shock makes Fluff run away. Now she’s lost in the big scary world, friendless and frozen. This little kitten needs a Christmas miracle. Will you be the one to finally take her home?

  • The first animal story by the wonderful Holly Webb
  • Now ten years old – and just as gorgeous as ever!
  • Bestselling series for newly confident readers
  • The perfect stepping-stone to longer novels

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  • I absolutely adore this book!!! I am so angry with myself because I lost the darn book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 February 2017

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