Ian Beck's Teddy Series: Lost on the Beach

When Lily goes to buy an ice cream, she leaves Teddy to guard the sandcastle. But WHOOPS! A puppy tugs at his towel and Teddy goes bump, bump, BUMP across the sand. This is fun, he thinks – until the tide starts to come in! Now what will Teddy do? A seaside favourite featuring a classic character: Ian Beck’s much-loved Teddy.

  • The perfect summer picture book for little ones
  • A reassuring beach adventure with adorable Teddy
  • Enduring themes of being lost and found again
  • Part of a much-loved, bestselling classic series

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  • its a good book

    7 March 2013

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  • Ian Beck

    Ian has produced bestsellers ever since he burst onto the scene of children’s books. Since then he has garnered rave reviews and a reputation as one of the leaders in his field. He has multiple awards to his name, including the Right Start magazine Best Toy Awards 2002 where he won Gold in the book category for Scholastic’s ’’The Happy Bee’’.


    Ian Beck has won several awards including The Best Toy Award for Home Before Dark, Alone in the Woods and The Happy Bee.

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