Fate seems to be dictating an unusual course for David when his university tutor sets him a project discussing the existence of dragons. The tantalizing prize – a fully-funded research trip to the Arctic – seems just within his grasp. But when David finds a link between dragons and the Arctic just as it begins to snow, is it only a coincidence? Or could deeper forces be at work? Soon David finds himself drawn into a time when dragons really did exist, and their secrets were guarded by the polar bears of the Arctic. David must open his mind to the legend of dragons, and the mysterious lore of Icefire…

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    I’ve always loved Dragons but this book show them in a dazzling new way, filled with excitement, imagination and adventure; this series is a must read, this is the second in the series and is pretty good

    5 March 2013

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    This book was AMAZING. I couldn’t put it down, as with the others in the series. Perfect for many readers and I highly recommend it!

    7 March 2011

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    The Fire Within won the Rotherham Children’s Book Prize in 2002.

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