Is it Bedtime Wibbly Pig?

Is it bedtime, Wibbly Pig? Not yet! Is it bedtime now? No! Wibbly Pig refuses to go to bed. He is swimming in the bath. He is busy bouncing. He is NOT tired and it is NOT time for bed! What will persuade Wibbly that bed is the best place for a little piglet to be? Could it be – “Are you asleep, Wibbly Pig?” – that Wibbly will finally go to sleep at last? Painting a familiar domestic scene in soft-as-butter illustrations, this cuddle-up book from the creator of Kipper is not to be missed.

“The perfect bedtime companion.” Primary Times

“A charming story, familiar characters and delightful illustrations will make this a favourite.” Prima Baby

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  • Colour Wibbly Pig

    Colour in this picture of Wibbly Pig and his fabulous party bag!

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  • Colour Wibbly Pig!

    Wibbly Pig has been to a party with Pigley. Use your favourite colours to colour him in.

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  • Wibbly Pig Banana Cake

    Ask a grown up to help you make Wibbly’s favourite easy-to-make banana cake, perfect for a tea party treat!

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Recent reviews

  • I loved it when i was smaller but the pig is sooo adorable xD

    8 March 2013

  • Just got this book its lovely illustrated and a nice read for my son at bedtime.

    5 March 2012

  • i really want to read this

    8 October 2010

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  • Photo of Mick Inkpen

    Mick Inkpen

    Mick Inkpen is an award-winning author and illustrator who is best known for his characters Kipper and Wibbly Pig. His books have sold millions of copies across the world.


    Mick won the Red House Children’s Book Award for Threadbear in 1991, and the Nestle Smarties Award for Kipper’s A-Z in 2001.

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