Jamie Johnson #1: The Kick Off

Jamie’s heart was beating all through his body. Everything depended on him. He HAD to score…

Soccer prodigy Jamie Johnson is desperate to become Highwood School’s star football player – and, in his dreams, Hawkstone United’s, too! But after he wrecks his chances at the trials, the pressure is on. He’s got so much to prove, and not just on the pitch. Why don’t his mum, teachers and best mate seem to be on his side? Follow Jamie as he strikes for glory. Can he shoot from his school team right to the top?

“You’ll read this and want to get out there and play.” Stephen Gerrard

“True to the game… Dan knows his football.” Owen Hargreaves

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  • This book has inspired my to play even better football brill

    7 March 2013

  • not for me

    it was kind of rubbish so i would read horrid henry

    2 May 2009

  • not for me

    well it isa bit boring because im not a football person hahaha got ya

    26 May 2008

  • not for me

    i looked ok but it not for my type of age

    25 April 2008

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  • Photo of Dan Freedman

    Dan Freedman

    Dan Freedman is author of the Jamie Johnson football books, and also works at the FA, editing their website and match programmes.

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