Little Bear's Big Jumper

Big Bear loved his stripy jumper. It was warm. It was soft. And it was his very favourite.

But Big Bear’s jumper doesn’t fit him anymore, so he gives it to his brother. Little Bear is delighted. It’s his favourite jumper too! But when he makes a big mess of it, Big Bear feels very angry. Will the brothers ever be friends again? A wonderfully warm and cuddly story which celebrates the special bond between brothers. Stroke the woolly touch-and-feel jumper as you read each page!

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  • David Bedford

    David Bedford has been writing full-time for children for over five years – although his first real job was as a NATO scientist. His main publishers in the UK are Little Tiger Press and OUP. David’s titles for Little Hare Books (Australia) including a soccer series for 7-11 year old boys are distributed in the UK by Bounce!

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