Misfitz Mysteries #2: Two Tigers on a String

One afternoon, Frank comes home from school to an empty flat. His mother has disappeared! She isn’t back that night. Or the next. Where on earth has she gone – and how will Frank find her? The police say they can’t help. It must be a job for the Misfitz! Together, the young detectives sneak away from home, catch a train across the country, and set off on a frantic search for clues. But they soon find themselves on the trail of a mysterious cult, led by a frightening figure known only as the Tiger… More fabulous adventure with the Misfitz, four unlikely sleuths from a very mixed-up family!

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    I loved this book I got it because I won the competion in which i answered the questions and got them all right and I won this amazing series.

    2 March 2012

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