Pet Poems

Poets love to blather on about flowers and rainbows, but isn’t it time our fuzzy friends got a look-in? Chuckle as Rover the dog and his friends run amok in these rascally pet rhymes. Whether they’re feathery or furry, friendly or frightening, all your favourites are in here. So read out a rhyme and go wild!

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  • loved it

    i have 2 cats

    27 July 2011

  • I have this book and its soo funny and its good 4 cherring ya up in the morning and it makes me happy and when im fellin glum i read it & it makes mee happy it really gets your mind awake Lolabug09 XXXXXx

    9 November 2010

  • liked it

    I have this book and its really gets you giggling good for the morning to get you in a good mood 4 the day and thats what i do on weekends i Also use it 4 cherring me up i suggest that u buy it

    8 November 2010

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