Pimpernelles: The Traitor's Smile

Eugenie de Boncoeur has fled the violence of the French Revolution to find sanctuary in England at the home of her cousin, Hetta. At first, the two girls find themselves at loggerheads. Hetta can’t understand Eugenie’s obsession with clothes and appearance, and she scorns her political views. But soon, they are drawn together by a shared sense of danger. For across the Channel waits the vengeful Pale Assassin, determined to claim Eugenie for himself. With her brother’s life at stake, how can she refuse his dreadful bargain? Is she prepared to sacrifice her only chance of love, and return to the blood-soaked streets of Paris, in the cruellest grip of the Terror?

Praise for The Pale Assassin:

“Exciting and unpredictable… You won’t be able to put it down.” Bliss magazine

“A dramatic romantic thriller. “Lovereadingforkids.co.uk

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