Princess Me Organiser

Make like a princess with a funky pocket pal that puts you on top of the world! Message friends. Swap secrets. Check your mood. Carry it close to your heart! This smart, sassy organiser has all the tools you need to stay on top – plus heaps of extras just to make you smile. Stay in touch with all your friends with infra-red text messages. Take time out with a fun game or puzzle. Use the mood-checker to work out what’ll make you happier – a movie out or a night in! Pretty, pink and packed with smart tools, it’s the princess of planners – for the princess in you!

Features include:
  • 25 activities
  • 7 games
  • Mood checker
  • Infra-red text messaging
  • Mirror
  • Touch-screen pen

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  • loved it

    i got it to day and it so cool

    14 October 2010

  • payed money for it so i am getting it

    from katflo24301

    30 September 2010

  • It is brillant and sylish

    6 September 2010

  • loved it

    It is really cool and fun and I carry it everywhere!

    3 July 2009

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