Princess Smartypants

Like to think for yourself? Wish you had your own pet dragon? This witty fairy tale will make you chuckle louder than a dragon roars. Princess Smartypants is fed up with stupid princes trying to marry her. She just wants to stay single and hang out with her pets in her castle. Is that really so bad? Her parents seem to think so. They insist she must marry. What’s a smartypants to do? Well – how about setting an impossible task for all her suitors? No prince can possibly win her hand. Until Prince Swashbuckle shows up…

  • A brilliantly witty picture book by a legendary author
  • A true classic commended for the Kate Greenaway Medal
  • Babette Cole’s wonderful artwork is as funny as the story
  • Inspiring message about choosing to live life your way

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  • Awards

    Babette Cole won the Kurt Maschler Award for Drop Dead.

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