Puppy Place #2: Snowball

An illustrated favourite to get you fully fluent and powering through longer fiction. Who can resist this cuddly pup? Not us! How could anyone leave a fluffy puppy like Snowball abandoned at a petrol station in a tatty cardboard box? Now Snowball is sick and hungry. He needs a family of his own. Can Jack and Lizzie find one that is just right?

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  • i think it will be brill

    24 January 2016

  • Fifi44: Why you wouldn’t recommend it? I had read it, and I don’t remember so much, and excuse me if I confuse it with another “puppy place” books, but is the story of a little dog that in the Christmas months was abbandoned and two brothers saved him. It is so beautiful.

    4 February 2012

  • okay

    okay not really a book i would recomend

    2 June 2010

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