Rainbow Magic Music Fairies: Fiona the Flute Fairy

Disaster in Fairyland! Jack Frost has stolen the Music Fairies’ magic instruments to cheat in a human talent competition. But now humans will find out about Fairyland, and all the fairies will be in danger! Rachel and Kirsty must help Fiona to find her magic flute if they’re going to save music for everyone…

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  • I think lots of people want to read this because I love it💃

    14 February 2015

  • loved it

    I love these but they’re a bit short

    8 March 2013

  • not for me

    i thought that this was boring because i am not into music

    4 March 2012

  • wow dasiy meddows rocks i loved this book it only took me sevem min to finish thankyou dasiy meddows

    18 July 2011

  • I can’t really remember but I think it was good, Really Good!

    19 June 2011

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