Treasure and India are from opposite sides of the tracks. Red-headed India lives in a luxury home with her mum, a famous fashion designer. Skinny beanpole Treasure lives on a council estate with her glamorous line-dancing Nan. When India and Treasure meet, they bond straight away. But Treasure has a horrible secret – her bullying stepdad is picking on her. And when his violence goes too far, she has to run away… Where can Treasure hide? India has an idea. She’s just read the diary of Anne Frank. Couldn’t Treasure take refuge in India’s attic, just like Anne Frank did? Told through the secret diary entries of both girls, this is a warm, inspiring tale of friendship in troubled times.

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  • loved it

    secrets is a very edge- of- your- seat book and i would give it four stars because it is an amazing book but (SPOILER ALERT!)the part when terry hits treasure is slightly scary

    5 May 2020

  • liked it

    It’s a must read!

    23 March 2018

  • Jacqueline Wilson is a great author because she writes stories based on true situations as well as funny books,and Secrets is no difference!!!!!

    Recommend it for 9 years and up but if you’re a good reader then 8 years.

    4 October 2016

  • liked it

    I liked this book. At the start it is so emotional, but in the middle it gets better.

    6 September 2016

  • loved it

    I love this book sooo much. It’s exciting and I love the funny way India gives Treasure a pot to go toilet in like in Anne Frank’s diary! READ ANNE FRANK, THEN READ THIS OR YOU WONT UNDERSTAND!

    2 April 2016

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  • Photo of Jacqueline Wilson

    Jacqueline Wilson

    Former Children’s Laureate Jacqueline Wilson is one of the UK’s best-known living children’s authors.


    Jacqueline has won loads of awards, including the prestigious Children’s Laureate 2005-2007, two British Book Awards Children’s Books of the Year for Girls in Tears and The Illustrated Mum, and the Guardian prize for The Illustrated Mum. In a poll to find the Nation’s Favourite Children’s Book Double Act was voted 10th and was the only contemporary title in the top ten.

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