THE MINIVERS #3: The Minivers and the Secret Room

The Minivers’ enemies are triumphant. Emily is a prisoner, shut up in the home of her ex-security guard. Now Rosamund is alone in the world – and in charge of both their fates. With the evil Madame hot on her heels, her only hope is to find the room where the secret of the Minivers’ mysterious existence has been hidden since their birth. If she fails now, the Minivers will lose their throne, and their shattered kingdom, forever… The third gripping adventure following the trials of two sassy sisters who are only two feet tall!

“Great writing, highly imaginative plots that positively rocket along and a freshness of spirit that is terrifically appealing.” Kidspot

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  • Minivers the secret room is the third book of the minivers series in which Emily is captured and it is up to Rosamund to save the kingdom It is an excellent book

    9 March 2014

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