The Dog: Artlist Collection

If you love The Dog mini-books, get set to lose your heart with a great big bumper book of adorable mutts! Now in a full-size format for the very first time, here are all those cheeky pups, cuddly pooches and big-eyed hounds, bounding and leaping through page after page. Open up to gasp and sigh at over 200 heart-melting photos of dogs in all shapes and sizes, from all around the globe. You’ll also find fuzzy facts about man’s best friend in his many big-eyed, wet-nosed guises.

With puppies playing, tails wagging and ears pricking on every page, this is the book you’ve got to have if you really can’t choose which dog you love the best!

Now you can also create your very own dog, play games, earn bones and explore at The Dog World !

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  • loved it

    This is too cute to be true!

    9 March 2013

  • loved it

    This book is the best book out there for sitting in the park, huddled round and cooing over the cutest pictures of dogs ever! In the introduction it says it was hard to pick what pictures to put in it but they finally made there decision, and my opinion is, their decision was a good one! A must-have for a dog lover!

    21 April 2010

  • loved it

    This is just like the other dog collection book, but bigger, more pictures, more breeds, more information and much more entertaining. Great for keeping children like me-crazy and hyper and can’t-sit-still type of girl-entertained and stitting down. Good for car rides, to also keep children busy. I loved it!!! :)

    22 March 2009

  • This looks soooo cool!!! I need to get my hands-or paws on it!!!

    7 February 2009

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