The Funky Stencil Book

Funky stencil fun to bring lettering to life. It’s not just WHAT you say but HOW you say it… so get your message across! When you write in eye-catching graphic art fonts that totally grab attention, you’ll be amazed at how people stop in their tracks and read what you have to say. This book has 8 sheets of fab lettering stencils, from graffiti street styles to pretty swirls, and from chunky fat fonts to slinky italics. Whether you’re making a punchy poster or banner, sending a cheerful card, writing a secret letter or doing some fab graphic work, just stencil, squiggle, scribble… and express yourself!

Hardback book contains seven A-Z sheets of lettering stencils, plus one stencil sheet with horseshoes, flowers, pets and other decorations.

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